What We Do (1) – An Overview


Training & Service Development

ARW runs a number of courses for practitioners, service users, advocates and managers Download the piano song. We can design and develop specific courses to meet your local needs.

Service User Participation

We are highly experienced in developing robust and effective service user participation in all areas of mental health services 삼성 바이오스.


A number of our consultants have published research findings. We are particularly experienced in qualitative research from a service user perspective 길잃은 바이킹 다운로드.


ARW is happy to conduct surveys in all areas of mental health. In particular, our speciality is in capturing service users views on existing or planned provision Download the sharing body.

Needs Assessments

Thorough and extensive consultation with all stakeholders can be carried out by us with a full report being produced to assist in the planning & development of local services 엔비디아 제어판.

Conference Organisation

We have vast experience in planning local and national conferences on a range of issues.

Service Reviews

ARW can carry out detailed reviews to gauge the effectiveness of service provision ~ particularly Assertive Outreach & Independent Advocacy Services. Our work in this context includes the production of a report detailing findings and recommendations to improve services where necessary.

Self-Help Initiatives

This organisation has extensive experience in the development of effective self-help support groups.

Working with The Media

Here at ARW we have considerable knowledge & personal experience of working with the media. We are able to offer preparatory training, support and development input for those who want to get their point over using the media to good effect.